Here’s Why I Drink Mint Juice Daily During My Pregnancy 

mint juice

Juices are an amazing nutritional option for people who hate eating fruits and vegetables. There are few things I religiously do during my pregnancy – drinking herbal teas and healthy smoothies, making pregnancy-inspired nail art designs, consuming my prenatal meds, and visiting my OB-GYN and baby scan clinic to determine my baby’s health. 

Here’s something else that I’ve started doing recently. It is to drink mint juice daily. Here’s why I do so.

To feel refreshed

Relaxed girl breathing fresh air in a park a sunny dayThere’s nothing more refreshing in the world than mint juice! When I drink mint juice, I feel energized and become ready to conquer the world.

To keep my body cool

peter 2I’ve started feeling hot because it’s gonna be summer in the UK pretty soon. Peterborough is already getting a little hot than before. So, yeah, mint juice makes my body feel cooler than ever. 

To improve my digestion

Melissa. Mint isolated on whiteEver wondered why people chew mint leaves after having a hearty meal? Well, for good digestion! Mint juice has surely improved my bloating so if you’ve any digestive issues, don’t forget to add mint juice or tea into your pregnancy diet. 

To have a minty breath

Shot of a beautiful young woman checking her breath at homeThere’s a reason why all mouth fresheners have mint in them. Well, instead of a minty mouth freshener, I chose to drink mint juice to get the same benefit. 

To relieve my anxiety 

anxietyMint juice has helped in calming my prenatal anxiety. When I drink mint juice, I feel more relaxed and happy. 

That’s why I included mint juice in my diet. Let me share my mint juice recipe with all of you!
• Add 11/2 cup mint leaves (without stem) into the blender. 
• Add 1 cup filtered water, 1 pinch salt and sugar into the juicer.
• Do add ½ tsp lemon juice for added flavour.
• Blend and enjoy! 

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Published by Olivia Clare

Blogger, Writer, obsessed with health and fitness, love to spread my knowledge about healthcare

One thought on “Here’s Why I Drink Mint Juice Daily During My Pregnancy 

  1. Mint juice is good for a pregnant lady. It helps to digestion and relief for anxiety. In my pregnancy time, my doctor prescribed me to consume mint juice.


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